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Hardware Learning

Mini Repairs

One of the lending library machines has an issue with the touchpad showing only an I beam pattern [insert photo here].


See if it's hardware or software, or combination thereof...

Tried an open firmware test (requires developer key to get to OFW on boot?)


shows what it reads/senses...

Others expect it to be a simple plug issue or something, but have not opened up an XO yet so will have some learning to do. Sequence of opening, antistatic, parts, etc...


Workaround for touchpad problem is using a USB MiniMouse.


How do they tell you to open the little beast?

Nick says the warranttee doesn't really start til you open it up... Was that normal operation, or peeking inside to the electronics?

Hardware wise? Or was that misinterpretted until machine arrives?

Low voltage machine unlike a CRT 120 Volt AC machine, but potentially break the machine with static.

Watch for ziploc bags static charges as recently learned, and what effects are there of lightning strikes in the vacinity to build in networking/