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Hello, and Welcome to my user page.

I'm an SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test) interested in:

  • Embedded systems
  • Power Generation
  • Blind Accessibility
  • Computer Security
  • Making the world a better place.

...looking for a side project I can be passionate about.

I bought an XO with G1G1 because I wanted to do something good in the world, and in return it turns out that I have been given the best thing for my morning commute since my mp3 player. I love it, but the battery and my inability to always be near an AC plug-in to recharge it here in the USA has made me very interested in ways I can power it on the go; I figure that if it works for me, a tribal school in a third world country will not have a problem, and needs the power more than I do.

Languages: French, Spanish

Programming languages: LISP/Scheme, FORTH, Perl, Bash Shell, FORTRAN, COBOL, Java, C#, C, C++, Pascal, Smalltalk, scripting languages. And I'm learning Python.


ordained minister, press pass holder, software developer, serial entrepreneur, market researcher, technical writer, cook, catherd, philanthropist, teacher...

Geek code

GAT/GB/GCM/GCS/GE/GIT/GL/GP/GS/GTW/GO$ d-(d++)@>d? s+:+>s+: a->a? C++++$ ULAHS*++++$ P++$ L+++$>L++++$ E>E+++$ W+++$ N+>N$ o+>o-$ K- w++$>w---$ O>0$ M>M++$ V>V--$ PS+(PS++)@>PS+$ PE+(PE++)>PE+$ Y++(Y)@>Y$ PGP(PGP+++)@>PGP+$ t++(t+)>t++$ 5++>5++$ X+ R+++>R+++$ !tv>tv++$ b++++(b+)@>b++++$ DI++>DI$ D+>D+$ G+ e(e*)>e+++++ h--(h---)>h++$ r++>r+++$ y+(y**)@>y++++$

I am currently interested in the following bugs: