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My name is Danny Lieber and I'm a senior at Princeton University majoring in Molecular Biology. I am graduating in June 2008 and am very much interested in either working for -- or partnering with -- OLPC next year after my graduation.

Specifically, I am interested in acting as an observer, coordinator, and consultant at an OLPC test site in order to analyze and improve the reception of the laptops by the students and teachers at the test schools. This would entail understanding the students’ relationship with the technology by determining the extent to which physical components and programs of the laptop are easy to use, helpful, used in practice, and robust to malfunction or errors. This information-- of what works and what does not -- would be very helpful, if not crucial, in expanding the impact of OLPC on underprivileged students around the world. In addition to providing information, I hope to work as a liaison between engineers in OLPC and teachers at the test sites in order to bring concrete improvements to the program.

I speak English fluently and thus prefer to be in a location in which English is the main language of instruction. I also speak a little Spanish (enough to get around, but no more). Other than those constraints, I am completely flexible in terms of geographic location.

In terms of funding, I am hoping to get a fellowship from Princeton that would cover my living and travel expenses. So for now, I’m operating under the assumption that I will receive outside funding. Funding of course is a catch-22: you need money to do a project, but you need a project to get the funding. This implies that the more concrete my plans, the better the chances that I will receive the funding to implement this proposed project for OLPC. Therefore, the more I talk to people currently involved in OLPC, the better the chance that I will bring outside funding to the organization.

To find out a little more about me and my background, my CV can be found here:

If you are interested in contacting me, my email is dlieber at

Please feel free to comment on my proposal on my wiki discussion page.

Thanks so much for your interest,

- Danny Lieber

 Princeton University
 Class of 2008