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Meeting (Bot)

What is it?

Meeting is a bot that has been designed to make the process of summarizing meetings easier. It is a modified [bot], running a custom script written in TCL. See also

Who Would Use It?

Meeting was designed for the Chairperson of a meeting to use. A chairperson can flag parts of the meeting for specific topics, actions, and agreed resolutions, which will be outputted into an HTML, Plaintext, or Wiki Formatted document to enable easier browsing of the IRC chat logs.

How do I request the bot?

The bot will always be available in the #olpc-bot channel, If you are running a meeting in a different channel, then contact someone in the #treehouse IRC channel on OFTC.

How do I use it?

The commands for the bot are shown below:

  • #startmeeting Tells the bot to start listening. Sets and locks the meeting chair to the user who issues this command
  • #TOPIC Records a topic of discussion (Can only be issued by the meeting chair)
  • #IDEA Records an idea related to the current topic of discussion (Can be used by everyone)
  • #ACTION Records an action that is decided on (Can only be issued by the meeting chair)
  • #AGREED Records and agreement on a idea (Can only be issued by the meeting chair)
  • #LINK Records a URL link of any format
  • #endmeeting Ends the meeting (Can only be issued by the meeting chair)

Starting a Meeting

To begin the meeting, the chairperson issues the #startmeeting command. This tells the bot to start logging.

<dogi> #startmeeting
<meeting> Meeting started at 01:00

After issuing the #startmeeting command, the rest of the commands will be enabled.

Changing the Topic

As the meeting progresses, the current discussion point should be noted to enable easier reading of the IRC logs. The chair can change the current topic of discussion by issuing a #TOPIC command:

<dogi> #TOPIC Changing the Topic
* meeting has changed the topic to: Changing the Topic

Ideas, Link, Actions and Agreed Actions

The #IDEA command are supplied so attendees can provide and log ideas regarding the current topic of discussion; this is useful in brainstorming sessions where all input should be registered for future examination.

<dogi> #IDEA Provide full details of the commands on the Wiki

Similar to this is the #ACTION and #AGREED commands, but these can only be used by the Chairperson. These commands will add an entry into the log denoting a action to be taken, or a agreement on the current topic.

<dogi> #ACTION Manual to be produced by dogi
<dogi> #LINK
<dogi> #AGREED Work on documentation will commence as soon as possible

Ending the Meeting

After all topics are discussed, the chairperson can then call a close to the meeting using the #endmeeting command

<dogi> #endmeeting
<meeting> Meeting Ended: 01:11
<meeting> Summary available at:

What output does the bot produce?

Some recent output can be found at and

Can I see the bot in action?

You can try the bot out in the #meeting-test channel on Freenode and OFTC. If you have any further questions just ask someone in the #treehouse channel on OFTC. Please feel free to try out the #startmeeting and various other commands, but we ask if someone else is testing the bot that you wait until they've finished.

Do you have an example test script?

Yes, check the Testscript page for an example testscript that will use all of Meeting's features.