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A little info about my passion for OLPC


I'm Felicity and I'm known as Flickety on wikiHow.

I became involved in the OLPC project via wikiHow because I am a passionate believer in ensuring that all children receive the broadest possible opportunities to experience a fantastic education, to learn as much as possible about our world and to have access to as many opportunities as possible to grow into the best people that they can be.

My role in the OLPC / wikiHow project is varied. I am the coordinator of the project, as well as an author, editor, liaison go-between and curator of the articles. I'm final quality control for articles that leave wikiHow, which is both thrilling and scary!

I am also in charge of developing an ongoing mentoring scheme between wikiHowian youth and OLPC youth. This is going to be incredibly exciting and innovative. The hope is to have children from developed countries sharing their knowledge with children from developing countries, including cross-cultural story sharing, friendship and mentor relationship building and collaborative skills-sharing, such as how to wiki and how to use the collaborative process to share knowledge.

Down the track, we also hope to extend this to teachers and other educational experts, to create a wider database of freely shared information to assist teachers all around the world. This is truly exciting and expansive in its nature and I hope to be involved for a long time yet!

If you'd like to leave me a message, please feel free to do so. Or better still (and more likely faster), catch me on wikiHow.

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