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Hi !! / Hola !!

I'm new around here, I'm from Argentina, and I'm very glad our government take this initiative.

I'm a programmer, 25 years old, and have been with computers since I was 10 (my first one was a Tandy Radio Shack 80). Computers have influenced a lot in my life, and I could be considered a geek in some manner, but I have a nice social life :)...

I started with Logo and Basic, and I have even teach classes in my school (when I was in 6th grade) about computers, because at that time, there weren't any computers in schools, and almost anybody had one, and of course, my teacher thougth it was a good idea.

I think this project is one of the best I ever heard of, and computers can change the way the world works. I'm happy to help with this, and proud of people who thinks the way this project has been conceived.

I apologize if my english is hard to understand, but I'm a little rusty... (many time without writing)

Y en español puedo decir que hace tiempo que no escribo en ingles, asi que disculpen, pero me falta practica.