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Activity projects via Myna IT Consulting software development

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XO Laptop : Activity Projects

(in various states of idea, outline, features, code, and implementation.. some have notes elsewhere which need to be here into the wiki and the placeholders below. Or moved to Git/devel server :)

  • Action - Test all input devices (keys, switches, buttons) - (similar/better idea KeyBash.)
  • BackupXO (GUI backup utility: server (or IP), Flash Drive, SD card, or other USB device)
  • Settings (GUI to sugar-control-panel, WiFi channels, and other tweaks)
  • Theme (GUI to sugar-control-panel, and other customizations)
  • FileManager (GUI to files/directories/folders, view, move, modify, etc... aka. mc )
  • SlideShow (Show all laptop pictures, videos, etc...) (aka Picasa but less overhead)
  • Wallball (Game: v1. bounce ball on the wall, v2 - play other players (2 to 6)
  • Webcam - use the builtin camera for stop action and webcam.

Python Code for Pippy activity

Activity starting point

Good starting points for:

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