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TODO: projects

(most of which are stalled, unless someone else speaks up, or offers to help :)

  1. OLPC:Wiki News - Summary of the latest changes on the wiki.
  2. Site Map - a course on effectively navigating the wiki, start w/home page and work way down.
    • Focus on high use pages..
    • main page, welcome, and participate.
  3. RT-Survey module - enter email address, q/a , goes directly into DB
  4. olpc-update - re-organization between public and develop info
  5. Olpc:News , Press - consolidate the press / outreach references into consistent organization and less dups.
    • Seperate paths/tracks depending on target audience ?
  6. General: Seperate all pages, by target audience.
    • header flag/category pages: separate out pages by content:
      • 'technical docs', 'User Guide', 'Reference', 'projects', discussion pages, etc. . .
    • Propose new - wiki Name-spaces (for the above?)
  7. Start marking pages which are no longer used (i.e. Archive for future reference, or move to seperate user space? )
  8. Sort through User boxes, w/summary page
  9. Sort through templates, w/summary page
  10. Start marking 'Archive' (deprecated?) pages with older outdated information on it. Move to [Namespace:] of Archive: ?
  11. Cleanup : Category:Redirects for deletion
  12. cleanup : Category:Pages for deletion


  • Review wiki devel pages: Content_bundles
  • test-drive, devel new activity template package




  • Upload self-picture w/laptop


(Past Avril/Kate/Katie, Nlee, Casey Caryl) ( call on 6 Jan 3pm with SJ et al)

1) Make FAQ usable again
 2) Support Manual

Challenges are:

  • most of wiki audience is non technical or lightly technically inclined
  • much of wiki content outside of support pages is stale, some inaccurate
  • shortening FAQs, splitting off answers, interconnecting
  • now working on activities docs
  • Been using activities to explore functionality so I can document them

I also have some thoughts about using some Namespaces.

namespaces were discussed, but the would complicate things
  • Avril: Finish FAQ this week, activities next week
  • casey is working on the support manual
  • caryl is working on the educators portal
Was thinking about working on a simplified Site Map, tying in some portal "Where to start" information.

Different portal where to start for each of the four basic audiences

kid, parent, educator, enthusiast
kids + educators, parents+educators, par+enth, etc

Working on some pages, which jumble up user info, developer info, and technical info... split into three pages, etc...

Current faq is that it's targeted at all audiences in a jumble


Kids parents educators enthusiasts

(00:47:49) avril: as with all community projects, a rough group, SJ oversees
(00:48:11) avril: I'm in a splinter group, want to add a Semantic layer
(00:47:51) nlee: im tackling wrangling together Welcome, Participate, and the main page [renamed the OLPC Wiki or somesuch]
(00:48:44) nlee: in a nutshell im trying to streamline getting to the wiki and getting involved

01:16:00) avril: Kids parents educators enthusiasts
(01:16:11) avril: perhaps
(01:16:20) avril: still too much infrastructure to do
(01:16:34) avril: editors would be good in a project or portal structure
(01:16:40) iainD: then some phasing on those pages "Maintained by wiki core standards"  please make all suggestions on the talk page.
(01:17:52) avril: and link to the talk page, which is tabbed "Discussion" under the default skin
(01:18:02) avril: way to confusing for some core audient
(01:18:06) avril: =ce
(01:18:18) mchua: avril: "enthusiasts" seems really broad
(01:18:22) iainD: avril: Too much infrastructure for whom?
(01:18:49) mchua: parents will usually look at the "kids" stuff, and then whatever other categories they fall into
(01:18:52) avril: infrastructure before we can lock down pages, even nicely
(01:19:08) avril: kids stuff would be for kids to look at through the XO
(01:19:08) iainD: mchua: wiki-culture guide, yes.. a good idea it is.
(01:19:16) avril: parents stuff would be things parents need to know

hackers, developers, or just tinkerers

(01:19:50) avril: um, maybe kids * grownups * educators * enthusiasts
(01:20:04) avril: enthusiasts might include hackers, developers, or just tinkerers
(01:20:23) nlee: yeah

(01:20:56) avril: kids don't want to see parent stuff, trust me
(01:21:06) avril: target audience is a bit out of date
(01:21:13) nlee: well i dont plan to *be* a parent, but i own some... i cant ask them for input
(01:21:25) avril: enthusiast = someone with linux box at home, wants to load cups
(01:22:11) avril: enthusiast = someone who wants to write a sugar activity
(01:22:29) avril: developer = someone writing low level api and sugar stuff
(01:22:45) avril: I would be an enthusiast

Other notes