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No Laptop yet

Here is the escalation service path for people who have not received their laptops:

1 - If it is their first inquiry and they haven't tried donor services, then they should try that 800 number first. If we get a page together that lists the possible reasons why their order hasn't reached them yet... then send them there for more info. (A link to donor services should be there as well).

2 - If they have not been able to get through to donor services, or they are frustrated, then please ask for their order number (starts like this: 7000xxxxx), and set the ownership of that RT to Adam or Babbing. (You can copy me as well so I can look some up when I get a chance, but I don't want to be in the critical path or your current 'excellent' response time will go down!)

3 - Adam, Babbing or Kim will do a first level search of the B* db and hopefully will come up with a fedex number for at least some of these orders to get back to the donor.

4 - For those orders that don't show up in this db, we will tell people that we need to get the info from our partner company, and expect to be able to get back to them in a few days. Adam/Greg - please send Kim email with these order numbers so I can act on them quickly.

"It's Jan 15th, where is my XO?!" --> Babbing

Dear Gang,

For *all* lost/missing orders, please: 1) add Adam as an "AdminCC" in the RT ticket's "People" portlet (do this by clicking on the navy-blue "People" titlebar near the top-left of the ticket) 2) also assign the entire ticket to either Adam or Babbing!

This will allow me and Kim Quirk to compile these and work with PatriotLLC (our call center partner) to figure out where all these ugly/remaining problems remain.

Finally, keep your eye on the brand new Support FAQ "chapter 2" Kate Davis has been working on -- and that we'll all continue to update in coming days: