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I live at Hole in the Wall on the Wild Coast of South Africa.


Currently look after 5 schools in the area's computer labs. LTSP. FC6. I am gathering OS content for 3'rd World environments and hope to synergise and share with the XS / XO deployments. Ultimately I would like our area to be a pilot site for OLPC-ZA.


I did IT for 20 years: Managing a (small) VAR, and training center. 10 years Linux and ISP experience.
Au fait: servers, mail servers, web servers, firewalls, proxies, graphic design, CMS, etc. Escaped the industry and now focusing on grassroots community development in rural areas.
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School Server

My primary interest. I've been on the xs-devel mailing list for a couple of weeks - and am trying to facilitate getting a logo designed for the XS.