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About Me

Hello. My name is Jordan Crouse. I am a senior software engineer at AMD, and I represent the Geode in the open source community. Here's how you can find me:

  • IRC - CosmicPenguin on (jump into #olpc for OLPC related talk)
  • Email - jordan <dot> crouse <at> amd <dot> com (you know what to do withthe dots and ats)


Geode drivers

I'm here to hack on any Geode drivers, but specifically, I'm responsible for the:

  • gxfb enhancements
  • maintainer of the Geode GX/LX Xorg video driver (now with EXA!) (and RandR - see the purty pictures: RandR action shots)

Basically, if it has to do with the Geode, you can always come to me, and I'll either give you an answer, or make it up on the spot.


I'm also the current maintainer of Buildrom (GIT tree:;a=summary). This is what we use to build the ROM image for OLPC.

Geode Links


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