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About me

I am Joshua McGinnis, an olpc enthusiast. I'm a web designer/developer for Intuit with the QuickBase unit. Formerly, I managed PowWeb Inc., a shared web hosting company based in the Boston area. You can read more about me at my personal website.

Current Projects

  1. Get Sugar
    • Get Sugar is a campaign to promote the Sugar operating system. Bottomline: the more people using Sugar, the more feedback; the more feedback, the better experience children will have.
      • Status Quo
        • Waiting on a stable livecd build
        • Need to mock-up Get Sugar page or site
        • Figure out what incentive we'll offer to those who "get sugar"
        • Ways to solicit feedback


  • Create a wireless site for OLPC news and updates
  • Ubuntu-OLPC co-host meetup
    • Need location
    • Date
    • Itinerary
  • Provide site building tools and curriculum for olpc students