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FranXOphonie Community

Teacher trainig school of Libreville's project

In February 2008 I facilitated the creation of a Gabonese community of learners in collaboration with professors from the Teacher training school of Libreville (ENS). Together, the professor of the ENS, Robert ANGOUE NDOUTOUME, Valerie Odette NTSAME, from now on doctorand at Laval University, and me developed activities for the seven children of the public primary school affiliated to the ÉNS which had received the XOs. This activity with the community of learners was used to us as starter to the development of a graduate course.

In November 2008, I returned to Libreville as an auxiliary of teaching in a graduate course of the Master in Education Sciences built from the collaboration of professors of the Teacher training school of Libreville and the Laval University. A community composed of fourteen graduat students (mostly teachers and educational advisers), professor Therese Laferriere, professor Robert ANGOUE NDOUTOUME, collaborators and me, wrote a pedagogical guide for the use of the XO and the Sugar GUI in the gabonese context. The community elaborates tutorials and learning activities that respect the Gabonese curriculum.

Recently, I created a web portal (FranXOphonie) on the use of the XO in the countries of the francophonie.

I'm a member of the ENS & Laval University team.