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Currently awaiting shipment of my OLPC from The States to me in Leeds, UK. A chemist by trade working at the university.

Have it now toying around with it. If anyone is near Leeds and wants to try a mesh network drop me a line here.

Hi Koolkat. I'm in London, unfortunately, and I don't think the mesh will reach that far! I'm going to try and gather together a load of UK xo owners for a meetup in London at some point though, if you're interested. Frankie Roberto 19:17, 22 March 2008 (EDT)

Copied from User:Tdang/XO Setup

My XO Setup

XO Name: Jeff

Primary User Age: 31

Operating System: OLPC Fedora / Sugar With Xubuntu on a 2g SDcard

Build: 656

SD Card: 2G with full install of xubuntu 96% in use via df

Hardware Mods: None yet :)

Peripherals: getting a mouse dont like the trackpad, but I dont like any trackpads

Pre-installed Activities Removed: None

Flash Player: None yet

Favorite Activities Added: Speak, StarChart, Xo-get

Essential Non-Sugar Software:

  • Opera
  • Skype (on ubuntu install and Sugar install)


  • Installed Opera
  • Added many programs
  • wrote new olpc.fth file to allow for selection of boot location (got sick of holding down the keys) see Custom bootloader