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hi can you tell me if mesh is still available in olpc?

i heard it is no longer available in XO 1.5?

please confirm with me on this. thanks!

The blog you reference is inaccurate and incomplete.
There's two features on the XO-1; the 802.11s mesh routing, and the Sugar "mesh" circles in the neighbourhood view. Unfortunately they are easy to conflate.
  • 802.11s mesh routing is what allows a laptop out of reach of a school server to reach the school server by exchanging packets with other laptops.
  • Sugar "mesh" circles in the neighbourhood view are what allows the child to easily link a laptop to a group of other laptops.
Yes, the XO-1.5 doesn't currently have 802.11s mesh routing, but it does have ad-hoc support. These two features are a function of the wireless firmware provided by Marvell.
On XO-1.5 with Sugar 0.84, it is Sugar that is not currently showing the "mesh" circles on the neighbourhood view. This is because Sugar Labs temporarily removed the feature between 0.82 and 0.84. The "mesh" circles are there in a later version of Sugar, and they set up ad-hoc networking. So the user experience and teaching is nearly identical.
In the meanwhile, for collaboration between two XO-1.5 without infrastructure nearby, use the Frame key, right-click on the wireless device, and Create new wireless network. Then on the other XO join that network. This does not work with XO-1 old software version, you need a new one. --Quozl 21:58, 30 June 2010 (UTC)