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School Service Learning Program


  1. This is to create awareness to Universities, Colleges and Community Colleges about the many areas that they can participate in OLPC/Sugar community.
  2. Introduce and foster volunteerism within the school environment.
  3. Bring together OLPC's existing school programs.
  4. A good venue to increase the OLPC/Sugar volunteer pool.


  • Can be an official school program/activity or just a one time presentation to students. ( will depend on how school adopt this kind of program)
  • Explore OLPC/Sugar activities with school Computer Science dept, education for sugar development and course development. As these future teachers will be the 21st century teachers.:)
  • Here are some of the activities worth exploring with schools:
  1. Our contributors program
  2. Sugar and etoys activity development
  3. RT volunteers (if they been contributing for a certain period of time)
  4. XO or OLPC campus crusade ( dont know if you have concern on this)
  5. related to #4 students teaching the kids how to use XO & sugar activities can choose one school it can be their own child care center or community outreach.
  6. A ClassAct event after combine experiences of students...etc
  7. OLPC school activity event: meet up (can be organize by most active school org) or campus for suggestion.

Open for discussion

  • How to make this as global collaboration where school in Asia, Africa, US and Europe collaborate. (but we can start small ...local school group collaboration first and create some activity/program that works) existing program can be a pattern.
  • Activity like sharing of ideas/skills/ org experiences (e.g Harvard school visits one community college and vice versa.)
  • to come up with a program for this activity
  • Scope of the program
  • How will be the mentoring program ...
  • How to bring all existing University program together ...

Note: Plz feel free to edit this or add your ideas. I'm very much willing to explore this.

Current activity update/s

  • exploring this program with a community college here in New Jersey.
  • initially introducing OLPC/sugar with them ( I might use some existing presentation materials like of Caryl's presentation)
  • Present to them how they can participate/opportunity to volunteer.


Please contact Mafe by sending email to the eKindling Project, thanks!