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Procurement & Logistics

  • What is the total quantity of XO laptops you are interested in ordering?
  • What is the preferred keyboard language for your XO order? Current options include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Nepali, Amharic, Thai, Dari/Pashto, Kreyol, Arabic, and Mongolian. If you are interested in an alternate keyboard language please appoint a member of your team to coordinate this process with OLPC.
  • What is the preferred XO power adapter for your order? Options include: US (2 flat prongs); EU (3 round prongs); and UK (3 flat prongs)
  • Are you interested in a custom image for the XO laptops you are ordering? If so, please appoint a technical member of your team to coordinate this process with OLPC.
  • The lead time for XO laptop availability is approximately 10-12 weeks from date of payment; ocean shipment transit time is typically 4 weeks. When would you like to begin receiving your XO laptops?
  • Would you like to receive 100% of your XO order in one shipment or would you like to receive multiple shipments?
  • What are your plans for storing the laptops locally before they are distributed? Do you require insurance coverage for the XOs while they are in this facility?
  • Are you considering purchasing XO spare parts with your order?
  • Have you appointed a logistics coordinator for your XO program?
  • The most common incoterms for large scale XO orders is CIF (cost, insurance, and freight). CIF terms indicate the seller (OLPC) is responsible for shipment and insurance costs from the country of origin to the port of destination. The buyer (consignee) of the shipment is responsible for all costs associated with the shipment once the goods are delivered to the port of destination, these costs include: entry customs clearance; entry duties & taxes; demurrage charges; landing charges at the importer's port; unload onto trucks at the importer's port; delivery to destination. Is your logistics team prepared to manage the logistics of this process?
  • OLPC recommends local tax exemption be obtained for the shipment of XO laptops to avoid local duties and taxes. Have you researched the tax exemption process to avoid such taxes?

Contracts & Finance

  • Who will fund the XO laptop purchase?
  • Who will fund the deployment and implementation costs of the program?
  • Do you have a team that will design and oversee the XO program budget?
  • Do you plan to enter a contractual agreement with OLPC for your XO purchase? If so, have you appointed a member of your team to coordinate this process with OLPC?
  • For large quantity XO orders payment terms can include 100% payment in advance or 20% down payment and 80% payable by transferable letter of credit. Which payment option are your considering?
  • Is there is time frame for your XO funding which will determine when your XO order can be finalized?

Education team

  • How many in the team? What are their roles?

What time can each member of the team dedicate to the deployment, both during the initial as well as follow up phases?

  • Have you identified local experts (university, NGOs, or governmental programs) to advise and support the program?
  • Are what is the national approach to education?
  • What is the profile of the schools you will be working with (number of students in schools and outside the school) number of students per classroom, teacher preparation, etc.?
  • Is there a current culture of computers in schools? What about Internet? are there any statistics?
  • Are there programs or projects (at the national and local level) that can become strategic ally to the project?
  • What platform (Windows or Linux) is mainly used in schools?

Technical team

  • How many in the team?
  • Is the team associated to a university or tertiary where Linux / Unix is actively taught?
  • Are there local "technical gurus" at hand? Who are they?
  • What time can the team dedicate to the deployment -- for the initial deployment and for follow up...

Questions for each member in the team

  • Are you fluent in English? Written technical English?
  • What OSs are you familiar with?
  • What programming languages do you use yourself?
  • Have you managed large networks? How many machines?
  • Are you familiar with content content filtering tools? HTTP proxy setup?
  • Do you know Linux? Have you used it?
  • Have you administereed linux in servers? for how long?
  • Have you used or administered linux on desktops? for how long?
  • What Linux distributions are you familiar with?
  • Where do you usually find documentation about procedures in Linux?
  • Are you subscribed to mailing lists or forums for open projects? Which?
  • When you need help with Linux, who do you go to for help?
  • Have you got a RHCE certificate or similar?
  • Are you comfortable with the command line?
  • What commandline tools are you familiar with?
  • Are you comfortable with shell scripting?
  • What scripting languages do you use?
  • Have you contributed patches, translations, bugreports, documentation to any Open Source / Free Software project? (Ideally provide links)