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Group and required gear

This workshop is aimed at a small group of technical personnel -- normally not more than 7. It is expected that the participants will have preexisting skills in planning, Linux systems administration, and computer hardware repairs.

For the workshop we will use

  • Internet access (unrestricted, as we'll access non-standard services and ports)
  • A few XO computers -- ideally at least one per participant, unlocked/devkeyed.
  • A server to be installed as test XS (matching the HW configuration planned for the XS)
  • Access Point (matching HW configuration for the APs to be deployed)
  • Network switch, network cables -- to be used with the XS in the test network
  • Blackboard / Whiteboard
  • Projector

Strategic Planning

  • Logistics and Inventory
  • Antitheft
  • Content Filtering
  • Additional HW required and preparation time for some options
  • Need of a local OS Image
  • Handling local languages - translation, inclusion in OS img

XO Basics

  • Basic XO use
  • Basic diagnostics
  • OFW tricks
  • Basic disassembly & repair
  • Documentation


  • Organizing logistics
  • Storage
  • Repair notes


  • Why
  • Inventario (from Paraguay Educa)
  • Workflow
  • Integration with antitheft

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  • Manual installation
  • Basic manual configuration
  • Automated installation via kickstart (for large deployments only)
  • Key services: Internet access, collaboration, backup, upgrade
  • Administration via Moodle UI
  • Advanced topics
    • Content filtering
    • Remote administration with Puppet
    • Where to find other advanced topics


  • How it works
  • What it controls
  • Inventory and XS integration
  • Laptop states and actions: activation, de-activation (lease expiry), re-activation, "kill".
  • OS Updates

Local languages

  • Working with Pootle
  • Translations to Sugar and system components
  • Translations to Activities
  • Integrating into your OS image
  • Upstream

Local Content

  • Library Bundles (XOL files)
  • Content on XS
  • Content websites for XOs

Creating an OS image

  • Introducing: olpc-os-builder
  • Selecting components
  • Local language bits
  • Antitheft: signing the image
  • XS: updating laptops in the field

Support procedures

  • Relevant mailing lists
  • Reporting hardware problems
  • Using WRMS