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This maintenance release resolves provides enhancements to antitheft features of 8.2.1, resolves WPA connectivity regressions and resolves a set of targeted bugs.

Changes since release 8.2.1

Bug fixes


  • <trac>9439</trac> Sync RTC clock to OATS server from initrd
  • <trac>9441</trac> Workaround OFW's ignorance of sig02
  • <trac>9442</trac> Support large lease.sig files
  • <trac>8524</trac> Anti-Theft Lease Activation over the air fails with AP, only works with Mesh
  • <trac>9246</trac> activation over open IBSS networks
  • <trac>9288</trac> update lease in olpc-update-query
  • <trac>9757</trac> olpc-update-query: allow better control of server list
  • <trac>9758</trac> olpc-update-query: if the response doesn't have a lease, try other servers


  • <trac>8104</trac> dhclient dbus message gets lost
  • <trac>9715</trac> wpa_supplicant debugging broken in NM 0.6.5
  • <trac>9936</trac> First WPA2 association (TKIP/AES) always fails, retries succeed

Note: these changes appear to have fixed most 8.2.1 regressions, see Release_notes/8.2.1#WPA_connectivity_regressions

Smoother, faster shutdown

  • <trac>7531</trac> Shutdown sometimes appears to hang - need ctl-alt-F2 for it to complete
  • <trac>9289</trac>Slow shutdown due to runinit.pyx failure to unmount /security/.private

Other changes

  • <trac>8622</trac> <trac>9317</trac> Fix release name in /etc/olpc-release
  • <trac>9773</trac> Safe touchpad improvements for ALPS touchpads.
  • <trac>9775</trac> Safe touchpad improvements for Synaptics CL1A users.
  • <trac>10159</trac> Add AZERTY kb map to 8.2.x builds
  • <trac>9248</trac> Add sanitization of sound settings
  • <trac>9747</trac> First-boot: avoid "update your activities" dialog
  • <trac>9731</trac> olpc-configure: use external devkey request template
  • <trac>7537</trac> olpc-configure marks all of /home/olpc as read/exec
  • <trac>9726</trac> Connect to gabble immediately after registration with XS
  • <trac>9259</trac> Activity updater is horribly slow on high latency connections
  • <trac>2229</trac> Write activity doesn't do Arabic shaping

Activity changes.


Notable current bugs

libxml2, GCompris and Write

The included libxml2-2.7.1-1 has a nasty XML parsing bug. A newer libxml2 with the fix is available but breaks Write.xo (when initializing libabiword).

The impact of this bug is limited to newer versions of GCompris -- the GCompris release targetted for 8.2.x works around this bug and is recommended.


Unless noted in the bug fixes above, the open bugs are the same as in release 8.2.0, and 8.2.1 .


TO DO ECO/8.2.1