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"Under a tree" goodness

For many reasons, we won't have 802.11s, but we want all the "under a tree" scenario to Just Work. "Under a tree" is also a great demo trick, and funny as it may sound, not having it is hurting. Lots. So...

  • Automagic Collaboration via ad-hoc. If there is no known AP, auto-establish a network with a pre-agreed name (even "mesh-1", "mesh-6", "mesh-11" ;-) )
  • Telepathy should try salut if the configured Gabble/jabber server is not available.
  • Filled:


  • Reading old USB/SD storage - Journal entries from 656, 767 and 802

builds are unreadable. (martin has an ugly patch that covers reading 802 disks)

  • Journal entries -- force-titling (I think dsd has committed a fix

for this already, we need to set the appropriate gconf value...)

NM inteactions

  • buggy change of password and settings
  • wake up from suspend take a long time to reconnect - gnome is faster

Other possible bugs

Looking at -- some bugs filed against sugar* and *-activity look serious.

"Won't fix" but important to mention

  • Mesh (actual mesh - 802.11s). Looks like it is not going to happen in Full MAC on XO-1.5. But XO-1 has the hw + firmware. And open80211s can make it happen. I don't know if F11 NM has support for it. If it does, it would be good if the Sugar side can handle it.