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  • Add 1w of stabilisation / QA / Bugfixing
  • LHF: Low hanging fruit

Pri 1

  • Scalability: ejabberd/presence partitioning via Moodle (2w)
  • Browse.xo transparent sign on - working with Simon (2~3d) [done]
  • DS-Backup -- Restore UI (2d) [done]
  • Management scheme (2w)
    • Scripts automation
    • Update callback scheme

Pri 2

  • XS on XO - LHF, working with Jerry

Pri 3

  • Basic reporting scheme (~4d)
  • Ability to switch off registration service (~2d) -- local teams are worried about bogus registrations

Special offer

  • 2~3 weeks of polish on Moodle for the XS to close the gaps so that we can start taking advantage of community work.


During the 0.6 timeframe we've seen some slippage, and some items won't appear on 0.6 -- as follows:

Now part of antitheft workplan

  • Lease mgmt - activation, renewal, blacklist (3~4w) -- development will start in May
    • XS: network proto layer, USB-based delivery handling, mgmt UI
    • XO: firmware, initrd, userland
    • Needs simple service announcement scheme
  • Easier transparent OS and activity upgrade - LHF related to lease mgmt -
    • service announcement scheme
    • small XO work (~3d work)

Not picked up by any workplan

  • Tie internet access to registration - (1w) -- some local teams are worried about locals "stealing" very limited internet bandwidth. We could block internet access from un-registered machines or just throttle them very aggressively. Naturally, needs a 'whitelist' mechanism and UI to whitelist teacher's non-XO laptops.

Not in the plan

  • F10/F11 rebase
  • Frills or cushions