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Rebuild packages, spec fixups

Jerry Vonau has done a lot of the exploratory work, so mostly done I think. Thanks! Still, might hit issues and cry for help...

Switch from metapackage to 'groups'

RFH: The repos I build have no 'groups' defined, and we need to control livecdcreator/pungi and anaconda so that only the group (and its deps) is included.

Polish on the Anaconda / Installer

  • With current buildsys tools maybe we can now replace fedora-logos properly.
  • Current Anaconda seems to install from a bootable USB


  • Administration, management
    • Simplify networking -- drop Active Antennas definitely
    • Allow to run single-NIC, in a pre-existing network
    • etckeeper to track configs
      • needs better ignores
      • got to do etckeeper init and initial commit
    • puppet
    • Simplify, cleanup xs-config -- use alternative init scripts and configs (as we are doing with'pgsql-xs' vs 'postgresql').
    • Easy to enable:
      • Filtering: OpenDNS, upstream content proxy
      • DHCP leases only for XO MACs and whitelisted addresses
  • wwwwoffle!
  • apache rsync proxy
  • activity-server support for dotted activities
  • cannot register if your name includes a ":" -- or any invalid username char
  • reporting tool (what can we use?)
  • log-and-config collector, similar to olpc-logs (and using etckeeper as well?)
  • better oats + xs-rsync integration and support
    • and lzma support
  • Good spec files so ARM rebuild possible / easy