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My name is Michael Burns and I am a Support Gang volunteer for OLPC.

Some of the areas I volunteer in with OLPC are:

  • Run the Community Support Forum. Mostly that means I tweak CSS, backup the database and pick neat extensions to help make the forum awesome-er.
  • Helping get up and running the OLPCZine website, (with lots of help from the Open Source Lab using Drupal as a basis. The site will feature weekly Zine content as well as multi-user blogs for coordinators, volunteers and content creators and the like to document all the great stuff they are doing in OLPC space.
  • Previously participated in the Google Summer of Code 2007 with OLPC
  • Coordinated with the OSL and Real, Inc. to create a multimedia player project, Watch & Listen. This development was spear-headed by Justin Gallardo and the rest of the team at the OSL.
  • Work for the Open Source Education Lab to advocate Open Source development in academia.