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Mike Fletcher is the (former) Developer Relations contact for the project. Sort of a combination of a Human Resources recruiter and a programmer responsible for trying to identify and solve impediments to the external developers on the project. While Mike is no longer under contract with the OLPC, he continues to volunteer time for the project on an Open Source basis.

He blogs about his work on the project quite frequently, speaks at various conferences and Universities to try to attract new developers, organises Toronto area OLPC Developer meetups, and generally tries to excite people about the project enough to get them to work on it.

He is the lead developer on the game Productive being developed for the OLPC Sugar platform using the OLPCGames Pygame wrapper of which he is the official maintainer.

Email or blog comments are the best way to reach Mike. He's often on the #olpc and #sugar IRC channels as vrplumber or mcfletch.