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If these don't pass, we shouldn't ship. Gotta test them and hand back to devs to fix as needed ASAP.

  • #8281 - Private sharing of Write disappears - Joe is in the middle of the test right now.


Would be great to test and close, but not 100% vital; Greg can always releasenote and we can 8.2.1.

  • #8372 - Remove numpy usage from shell (takes a long time to test, performance issue, 8.2.1-able imo)
  • #8510 - dbus-python leaks object paths (takes a long time to test, performance issue)
  • #8106 - make software update in sugar control panel work for library bundles (new shiny feature rather than breaking an old/expected one, manual install/upgrade of library bundles still possible)
  • #8300 - shell launchers are leaked (long test, performance issue)
  • #8376 - olpc-update -f 713 to 8.2 fails (upgrade issue)


For various reasons - but all of these are OK to ship with, in Mel's opinion.

  • #8394 - sugar shell leaks presence service info (presence service does not make buddies disappear/appear reliably enough to get good test data on whether this leaks.)
  • #8369 - 8.2 builds unusable for emulation (Close-enough emulation works, with some hacking. We can look at fixing this after we send the factory image out.)