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We might want to move this to another page at some point, but here goes. I'm not sure who we should be under or partnered with, if anything... or what we should be called, if we're not part of a larger org.


  • We want the world to be a world of learners. We want to get people into free culture, open content, open technology, free thought.
  • Being young punks and high-pass filters, we want it now.
  • And to some extent we can have it - we have the technologies to do it (laptops and the internet) and the skills, know-how, and guts to build our own bridges, social, content-related, and technological, along the way.
  • Why not?


Bootstrap as many people as possible into believing - and acting on the belief - that they can teach themselves how to do anything they dare to dream of.


  • Andy Pethan, Olin College
  • Mel Chua, OLPC



  • July 2007: Northern SoCon prototyping. Design CFFC.
  • August 2007: Northern SoCon pilot. Recruiting pilot professors for CFFC. Prototyping content for CFFC.
  • September 2007: Northern SoCon wrap-up. Beta-test Jams as SoCon wrap-up. Design and prototyping of BFA. CFFC pilot begins.
  • October 2007: Southern SoCon idea collection. Use SoCon ideas to pilot BFA. Round of Jams. CFFC pilot continues.
  • November 2007: Southern SoCon applications. BFA pilot continues. Activate Jams network to create more viral Jam materials. Encourage CFFC projects to continue via mentorship to SoCon groups - or high schoolers - that students can pass on their projects to and guide from a distance.
  • December 2007: Southern SoCon launch. BFA major launch. CFFC recruitment for spring semester.
  • January 2008: Begin planning Jams for Southern SoCon - hopefully most of this will be run by independent groups already. CFFC starts spring semester, hopefully with some student-taught classes (a-la-Meta). Mel pilots "How To Run A Jam" class in Australia (hopefully).
  • February 2008: Southern SoCon ends. Push to continue SoCon projects as BFA work. Jams for Southern SoCon. Hold "How To Run A Jam" training workshops.
  • March 2008: Prototype and pilot CFFC workshops (how to run a campus chapter, etc). Go on tour of colleges getting student to contribute to CFFC wikibook. BFA publicity push, focus on community development, nurturing.
  • April 2008 & Beyond: We'll see.

To do

  • How To Run A Jam book
  • Get all Meta alumni in a room, tape-record us talking about Meta, have it transcribed (professionally... we can find money to pay for it) and edit and spread the resulting book out.
  • Think of fellowships... apply for grants.