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This is a stub. Also read User:Mchua/Braindumps/Support_gang for a more detailed outline proposal that's very much related - this is beyond support-gang, though.


A "community membership" structure - some sort of recognition that regular contributors can apply to, a status symbol with benefits. Only active contributors would have this distinction and the privs therein.


These are the reasons why I hesitate to write this proposal in the first place.

  • A community program is inherently centralizing, and people may be disinclined to create and contribute to local communities if there's shininess on this end... how can we make it not a bottleneck?
    • Try a trust system like what's on the right
      Trust map accomplised with wikipedia:PKI using GPG or similar.
      ffm 18:01, 6 May 2008 (EDT)


  • a email forwarding address (
  • userpage badge
  • a vote on certain matters (what matters? I don't know)
  • if they're really incredibly good, have an 'academy awards' type nomination each year, with tshirts sent to the winners
  • Biz cards that say "member" see this similar idea
  • IRC hostmasks like "olpc/member/foo"

Why we should

  • attract and retain devoted contributors
  • have a known pool of good people to ping on projects, opportunities, etc - this is a useful group to delineate!
  • a useful mental construct for newcomers to aim towards, and for people to help them attain - see