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On an XO

Pippy should be installed by default. It is the Activity with an icon that looks like a snake.

If for some reason you do not have Pippy, you can get it by going to the Activities page and clicking on the Pippy-20.xo link (or the link at left, if you are online right now) and starting the download from the Journal to run it for the first time (it should show up on the bottom of the frame in Home view after that).

On non-XO computers

Get Sugar Emulation working on your laptop, then (from within the emulator) follow the directions above.


Creating samples

The simplest way to contribute to Pippy is to create (or modify existing) samples of Python code that do interesting things. You can write them directly on a section on the Pippy page. (See there for examples.)

Getting the source

  1. Install Git
  2. In the directory you want the source files in, run in a terminal:
    git-clone git://

A tour of Pippy's source