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In order to qualify a release for a locale, we must consider whether we "have correct <noun>" or / "can correctly <verb>" each of:

  • power adapters
  • certifications
  • keyboard silkscreening
  •  ???
  • keyboard maps for X + the Linux virtual terminals
  • locale/collation data
  • render text in the correct direction
  • layout complex orthography
  • free fonts
  • input methods
  • multi-language configuration
  • translations of the UI and important pieces of content
  • dictionaries + spellchecking
  • 'sensitivity' checks for offensive words/concepts
  • QA resources sufficient to maintain these items according to our software support policies for the release.
  • deployment guide
  • issue escalation path
  • country-provided rollout plan??
  •  ???

A separate issue which must be agreed upon by all of us is which of these items are necessary to qualify a build and keyboard for deployment at scale XXX.

Locales of Present Interest
   en_US    (English: America)
   es_PE?   (Spanish: Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia?, Argentina?, Panama?, Equitorial Guinea?)
   mn_MN?   (???: Mongolia)
   fr_RW?   (French: Rwanda, Senegal?)
   ar_IQ    (Arabic: Palestine, Iraq, Egypt?)
   ht_HT    (Kreyol: Haiti)
   am_ET    (Amharic: Ethiopia)
   kh_CA?   (Khmer: Cambodia)
   fa_AF    (Dari: Afghanistan)   (prs_AF)
   ???      (???: Thailand)
   hi_HI    (Hindi: India)
   pt_BR    (Portuguese: Brazil)
   ???      (Oceania)
   it_IT?   (Italian: Italy)
   ???      (Turkey)