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While I was doing research for OLPCorps Africa, I collected a good set of links and content. I hope this material can be shared with all schools in the OLPC program.

There is content on a level for younger students, older students, and adult instructors/volunteers/technicians.

Other Collections

  • Videos can be downloaded from as MP4 and converted to OGG with ffmpeg2theora. YouTube video download sites exist, but I know of none that let you download directly in OGG format.
  • I recommend The Big Picture, which has many large-scale photos on several topics, from Chinese New Year to Eid al-Adha, from World's Animals to The World at Work. Download once to save on bandwidth.
  • Dozens of free e-Books from Project Gutenberg have public domain OGG audiobooks at I am developing a system to display the audio player and the text on the same page.
  • The New 7 Wonders project has information about their buildings contest and has an ongoing contest for natural wonders of the world. The natural wonders each have a short description and a photo. Resources on the site include classroom projects, environmental guides, and a form to enter the contest.
  • The BBC has a Learning English site with regular updates and lesson plans for teachers. Topics include slang, words in the news, idioms, business English, and some information about new technology. They also have a YouTube channel.





Mapping / GIS

  • Mapping Technology: simple explanation of GIS mapping with interesting examples
  • Developing a simple introduction to GIS/mapping technologies with Google Maps API

Development Technology

ICT4D stands for "Internet and Communication Technology for Development"


Books/Long PDFs




Microblogging, through Twitter and other services, is a low-bandwidth version of social networking that has caught on in countries with many mobile phone users but few computers.



SMS/Text Messaging

Grants and Contests

  • ESI: Grants for digital-divide groups



Local TV news posted on YouTube

This is a new journal that may be interested in women's role in technology in the developing world:

People (have multiple videos on YouTube):

More other: