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  • The Mini vMac activity has been crippled (relative to the "standard" version):
    • It can access only one disk image.
    • Its use of a compressed disk image slows down performance significantly.
  • Mini vMac has no "breakout" support - any file created under emulation will be inaccessible from the XO (and vice-versa).


This process, application, or procedure involves a ROM image.
ROMs are subject to copyright. If you do not own the ROM, then you are not entitled to the ROM image. Do not contact me about ROMs.
  • A Mac Plus ROM image
  • Mini vMac
  • Disk Utility
  • gzip


  • Note: The disk image creation instructions are for Mac OS X. File:Blank vMac.DSK.gz is available for download to help non-OS X users get started.
  1. Create a new blank disk image that is large enough to contain all your software and that contains no partition layout information.
    Check your existing Mini vMac's disk usage for a good idea how much space you'll need.
    hdiutil create -size 40m -fs HFS -layout NONE 40MB.dmg
  2. Convert the disk image into an NDIF ("Classic" DiskCopy) read/write format.
    hdiutil convert -format RdWr -o 40MB.img 40MB.dmg
  3. Now inside Mini vMac, install whatever you like to the disk image
    I recommend System 6.0.8 or System 7.0.1; System 7.5.3 is possible but overkill.
  4. Once you're finished with Mini vMac, compress and rename the disk image
    gzip 40MB.img && mv 40MB.img vMac.DSK.gz
  5. Copy the disk image to your XO. You'll find the default disk image located at MiniVMac.activity/vMac.DSK.gz

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