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Just a placeholder, so far...

Real name: Nicholas Bodley

Lives in: Waltham, Mass.

Retired geek, old man, eccentric, one-time mechanical analog computer technician (Navy FT) and midnight hacker in 1960 for BMEWS, with NORAD approval, on the BMEWS DIP.

Amateur photographer at various times, currently storing all shots and propagating/printing none. That should change.

Have described myself as an autodidact and polymath when I was still getting my feet wet in the 'Net.

Starting to come out of my shell, a bit, and maybe join the OLPC community to help set up a repair organization.

Please pester me if this page looks as neglected as it does, right now!

General idea of where I live (oops -- this does monopolize the page! Would be better to put a link to it on the page instead of the whole bloomin' map.

<googlemap lat="42.421429" lon="-71.239471" zoom="11"> 42.389781, -71.239247, Waltham, Mass., USA </googlemap>