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Peru: 28 Feb 2008, thousands of OLPCs have arrived. We need all kind of help for the success of this project. Too much is involved. The opportunity is big. It will works not only for the students but for the whole peruvian society.

My name: Javier Rodriguez

Knowledge: Deep knodledge about computers (hardware), software (windows and linux), telecomunications (satellite dishes, wireless networking), regulatory issues (national and internacional), internet evolution and development (since iana to the modern icann), networking (routers, tcp, nat), programming languages and other related issues.

What I can do for the project in this moment:

a) Translate documents, software, operative system, and tools to spanish language. b) Share ideas about some applications to help the survival of the project and get a better internet. c) Collect and put in the hands of the children all the spanish language e-books that I can fin on the net. d) Promote the OLPC project, report the findings and improvement needed.

In coordination with other 30 folks here in Peru (aproximately) we have form a volunteer group, named "Grupo de Voluntarios Peru" or GVOPE for shortness. Many ideas have arise. A group, that includes me, have form a "task force" to deploy an "School Server". I am mounting a small lab with 4 to 6 computers and access point and WiFi cards to emulate the system that will work in the field with the XOs and School Server.

I have registered a domain: and I hope to put there all what I can find and what we can develop for the OLPC project.

Last update: 2 March 2008

mail contact:

phone contact: 51 1 967 00520