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Piotr Skulski (Petros Polonos)

Born 06.12.1963 in Szczecin, Poland


skype/yahoo/fb: petros.polonos

gsm: +48511974127


To keep this page concise, here's just a handful of links, covering my personal and professional profile.

My partner (wife) is Natalia Szymanska (her CV to be published here soon), who is more into educational/NGO/community-oriented aspects of the activity. We plan to be active as a team, although nothing is written in stone. Two akitas are with us wherever we can take them.

Our goals in/related to the OLPC project:

1. Get trained as an independent deployment and support team, covering both technology and education aspects.

2. Get involved on the long-term basis in OLPC implementation in Asia and other areas, preferably close to the sea.

3. Develop material base (sailing vessel, technical equipment, funding) to operate as a mobile deployment, support and training unit for remote communities, that can be accessed from the sea.

Closest projects

Polish micro-pilot

Travelling support team - getting grip on it.

To develop basic XS/XO/Sugar installation for training & testing purposes, based upon our home network:

1. XS (hardware: Acer AspireOne 160)
2. XO's (I am applying for 2 of them)
3. Ubuntu Sugar Remix and SoaS (1 desktop, 1 Dell XPS, 1 Sony Vaio, 1 Asus laptop, 1 Asus Eee PC)
4. Local wifi router + internet uplink.

  • Get skills necessary to install and support XS/XO/Sugar in the heterogenous environment.
  • Get familiar with Sugar tools.
  • Present the system and idea to local partners, both technical and educational.

Start: Mid February 2011

Completion: 3-5 months from obtaining XO's

Educational Grassroot Poland

Connectivity & support