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(Our software install template prepared for a particular request tracker ticket. Do not use the download links here, they are intentionally invalid. --Quozl 23:42, 20 January 2011 (UTC))

How to install unsigned build os1 of release Domenico Colucci's Italian Rebuild on XO-1.

The build is installed to the internal NAND flash device. You will need a USB drive of at least 1 GB capacity, but only for the duration of the installation.


  • Prepare the USB drive:
    • Download os1.img,
    • Save the file to the top directory of the USB drive,
    • Download os1.crc,
    • Save the file to the top directory of a USB memory stick,
    • Check the USB drive contains at least the two files os1.img and os1.crc
  • Prepare the laptop:
    • Make a copy of any data you wish to keep,
    • Obtain a Developer key and disable security,
    • Check the battery is inserted and locked,
    • Check that the power cord is in place and the battery indicator is green,
    • Turn off the laptop, unless it is already off,
    • Insert the USB drive into any USB port on the laptop,
  • Start installing:
    • Obtain the Ok prompt,
    • Type the command:
copy-nand u:os1.img

Installation progress will be displayed. Green colour will fill yellow blocks. It will take about five minutes. Once finished, the Ok prompt will return. Remove the USB drive. The laptop may be rebooted. The USB drive can be used on other laptops.