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Raffy Mananghaya, DBA, has a long experience in development work and taught Development Management and Technology Management in two campuses of the University of the Philippines System. He may be reached via raffymn _at_ yahoo _._ c o m.

Raffy conceptualized EMinima, which he described in March 2005 as follows:

EMinima is a set of minimalist software for interaction between a client and a change agent using a PC or a number of PCs in a network. A software is included in EMinima if it satisfies the following criteria:
  • It is free or open-source software, preferably released under the GNU GPL.
  • The least amount of effort or resources is required for it to actually perform the task.
  • It enables the change agent to easily store and carry both software and data.
  • Local support can be made available for both clients and change agents.
EMinima came out of the vision of bringing interactive Internet technology to the grassroots.

In this journey, Raffy found PuppyLinux in 2004 and has stayed with the group of PuppyLinux enthusiasts, eventually becoming interim Chairman of the pre-Foundation.

Currently, Raffy works for the Institute of Cooperatives and Bio-Enterprise Development, University of the Philippines.