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Nickname: Ricardo

I'm a software developer from England, interested in the OLPC project and the expansion of the internet overseas. I'm not a member of the OLPC organization, just someone with a few ideas to contribute. My main interest is the different ways of linking schools to each other in areas where internet-access isn't available/affordable right now. This is for transferring email and files (eBooks, Software, news, etc) and for communication with the rest of the world.

So far, I've contributed to...

Radio and broadcast - This article was started by someone else and contains several methods for the 1-way transmission of eBooks, Software, news and other files to schools, by Radio, TV and Satellite. It also covers the 2-way transmission of files by radio, for web-access, file transfer and email.

My own ideas on the page are :-

  1. Broadcasting files in the spare multi-language audio subcarriers of Satellite TV channels.
  2. 1-way broadcasting files by embedding hidden audio signals within the music/speech audio signal of existing commercial/public-service radio stations. This allows ordinary cheap radios connected to a laptop to receive the data.
  3. 2-way transmission of files along a chain of radio stations, where each station transmit files and messages to the other using audio signals hidden in the music/speech (like idea No. 2, but bi-directional).

Some of the ideas on that page, contributed by various people, might make good student-projects or spare-time software/hardware projects.

I've created :-

  • A Sneakernet page, for file transfer between schools on USB Flash Drive.
  • An Optical data link page, for fast light-beam data links between buildings, etc.

I've listed several internet-access technologies/articles on the Internet page.

You can contact me by email at :-

ricardoolpc - AT -

(where ' - AT - ' = @, to avoid spam email scanners)

--Ricardo 16:39, 23 August 2007 (EDT)