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General Information

Name: Robson Mendonça

User location: Porto Alegre, Brazil.

User website: MWOC = MyWeb.onCreate()

Current Work

About Me

Robson foto.jpg

I'm a Computer Science Student at Unisinos - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil, and work since 2001 at LEC (Cognitive Studies Lab) under Professor Léa Fagundes orientation. I started work at LEC during my High School course, when I was studied Industrial Computer Technics at Senai(National Industrial Learning Service). In my time work at LEC, it was possible learn a lot of technologies and much about Free Software development, witch I adopted as a life philosophy. Those happen because I could identify many dreams that I had when was a kid into the possibilities presented by community, first as fun possibility and now as a reward of life. However, as a LEC member, I was have to learn many different things as educational computing, how to teach and instigate a teacher or student to search new ways of the computer using. Thus, I was became a tutor in several remote courses at LEC, and I can see how the people understand the use of the computer into the classroom. All those bring me a good base for my understand of the educational software development, therefore I believe that I can contribute a lot.

My main knowhow of development involve some technologies like PHP5, Python, Ruby on Rails, SQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and ActionScript, and some design patterns, mainly MVC. My career is divided in two parts: educational development, sometimes into the classrooms, I always see the softwares in action. And commercial development more directly with websites construction and Drupal customization and advice for some companies and persons.

More About Me

My first passion is my family, I always try to be with them, even work at home. My second passion is my band Sohluto, they is my second family too, because normaly, my weekend is divided between band and family. And to finish, my third passion is cartoons, figure actions, animes, comics, and all that involve super-heroes and cartoons like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

My Projects

Currently I working as a Core maintenance from Amadis. That is an e-learning environment that means create a way to work with educational projects, your new version is developed with Django and python2.5. If you want know more about Amadis, visit the official website.

My Projects at OLPC

During this summer I will work with integration between sugar and internet publication sites. I would like that develop a several functionalities that permits use of webservices or web2.0 applications developed for use in the XS Server. But for now, my proposal is to develop a internet view for Journal, that permits publish all content saved in the Sugar-Journal to a internet interface. This will became possible the view of children productions through internet. Visit the project page: Amadis and WebJournal

Weekly reports

My work as OLPC intern will be 12 weeks. Following recommendations of my mentors I will make weekly reports to make possible a close following of my work.

  1. Week Jun/3 - Jun/10: This is my first week, and I have used to organize my life for this new challenge. B. Juliano is my mentor for my project WebJournal, he suggest me elaborate more my propose, and after establish some contacts with people that are developer something like my propose, to avoid overlapping. As my project involve sugar, server and web development I need to talk with people that laed the sugar, XS and Django team, to start with the first steps. During this next week, I will publish my proposal revised, and make the contacts.
  2. Week Jun/11 - Jun/17: In this last week I have work in specifications about the AMADIS and WebJournal. But my time was more used to publish the AMADIS specifications at Amadis-trac, that is the english documentation about all development research. I needed change some configurations in the server to become the amadis-trac accessible through the web. The first release of the Amadis2.0_alpha will be released, I hope so, in the next week. And about your design and workflow I would like to discuss the changes to integration with the Journal, and the possible changes in the environment.
  3. Week Jun/18 - Jun/24: This week was much more productive and I have very things to talk. Because this I create a topic in my Talk page with my report about this last week, and I have some questions that I needs to progress in the work. User_talk:Robson#Week 3, Jun 25Th
  4. Week Jun/25 - Jul/1: Joined with the next week
  5. Week Jul/2 - Jul/8: Oh yeah, I'm finally in contact with the other development members and already have my list of tasks to do. Mainly at this last week, I discuss with Tomeu and Martin about DS-Backup, and what was decided is that I will start with the JEB web visualization. The WebJournal will be a new module for Moodle and I will develop too, for Amadis environment later. The Journal modifications will be in a next moment. But the discussion about the comments interfaces was sent to the group, and when the times come I will talk about interface questions with Eben. At this week I'm still work about the deployment of the webjournal, for make possible the group view and evaluate the work while is done. See more details here WebJournal_Project and XS_Blueprints:Datastore_Simple_Backup_and_Restore
  6. Week Jul/9 - Jul/15
  7. Week Jul/16 - Jul/22
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  9. Week Jul/30 - Aug/5
  10. Week Aug/6 - Aug/12
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  12. Week Aug/3 - Aug/26
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