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Hi :)

I'm David, I like to develop stuff in Python and tinker with Linux systems. My background involves various stints working as a web developer with open-source technologies, and also a linux sysadmin. I've been playing with Linux systems for around 10 years.

My XO arrived in January and finally in March, I've found time to start messing around with it. So far, I have:

  • Registered for a developer key and upgraded to 767
  • Developed some simple activities and scripts
  • Messed around with vnc options on the OLPC, X forwarding and of course ssh access.
  • Got sugar-jbuild running on my Linux workstation
  • Installed Ubuntu 8.10 repos's ancient emulator version of the sugar shell, got annoyed at it, and removed it.
  • Start contemplating virtual machine options for development - the documentation seems a bit unclear!
  • Checked out various activity sources in git and had a play with them.
  • Been to the first OLPC UK meeting, which was interesting.
  • Registered interest in OLPC Health and the UK OLPC laptop library.

I'm interested in getting involved in development work, particularly with the OLPC Health project.

See: for more information or do get in touch via