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Wikireader : A separate list was started for wikireader discussions this week. (wikireader@lists.laptop.org) Guillaume Duhamel and Emmanuel Engelhart from Linterweb have an alpha Firefox extension for bundling a set of wiki articles and are extending this to work with their offline Kiwix search tools.

Erik Zachte has tools for making compact Tomeraider collections that deal intelligently with images.


  • RPCV - Retired Peace Corps Volunteers -- offering to get involved here and on the ground. They wan tt o know how to get the Peace Corps at large get involved (note the Health connections here).
  • Questions : Cross-cultural training by BE? On the ground training in other countries : how to build on this?
  • TFA alums &c working for BE. Geography outlines in puzzles.
  • NTS : get help with drafting emals and press releases from Van.
  • NASA and... Geography. Work with Google Maps + OurStories + Monterrey Tech Geography class...


Health : Chris Leonard, a medical researcher, is organizing material related to animals and agriculture.

He and his wife are both editors and writers, and he has been working with a few people on an index for an animal health collection.

Music : Our music collections are growing : this week the full 9GB of sound samples from the Boulanger collection can be found on dev.laptop.org. Andriani is working with Charlotte Landrum, organizer of the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum podcast series, which will contribute their live concert recordings (already available online) in some form for use by our schools.

Peter Johannsen - showed the XO at a workshop (the National Association of Independent Schools conference in NYC), picked up 2 new collaborators. Has some finished videos of kids working with XOs and using the various activities, which he plans to send early next week. (Whitney, the recently volunter helping the Kliptown trial, found OLPC through Peter)