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draft chap ideas:

Local initiatives

  • Developing locally relevant content and software
  • Providing online support for others
  • Localizing Sugar and activities into local languages
  • Creating a community of people supporting OLPC's principles and working towards regional sustainability around trials
  • Organizing and hosting events and workshops around OLPC
  • Communicating about OLPC initiatives in the local press, and to the local free software and open education communities
  • Helping local communities communicate with the global OLPC community
  • Connecting local universities with the OLPC mission


talk to the OLPC #chapters committee. Chapters will need to incorporate and apply for non-profit status in their country. we are setting up this committee to help chapters form and review chapter applications; leave a note there, or contact sj, with questions or ideas.

For details, or to apply to become a chapter

  1. create a page about your chapter on the wiki, and add it to the proposed chapters section below
  2. publish a link to the founding documents for your organizatio

chapters committee

An OLPC chapters committee is being formed to respond to chapter formation requests, and to help new chapters get started around the world.

Members will be appointed to the committee from the community; details on committee structure is not yet defined. The committee's work will generally be done publicly on this wiki, and in regular open meetings.


How do I become a chapter?
First you will need to incorporate a group to pursue OLPC's mission in your country or region. See OLPC chapters for a three-step process.
Can there be multiple chapters for one region?
In general, this is not approved of. Chapters should serve to represent the efforts of all people in a region, not those of the founding members. If you have very specific ideas about a subset of OLPC's goals and want to pursue those, it is better to set up a non-profit whose name indicates that difference.
My group is working on constructionist education in the classroom. Should we become a chapter?
Becoming a chapter is a somewhat detailed process, requiring time and commitment to OLPC's goals, and to representing and supporting the OLPC community in a region. If you are a small group or just getting started, you don't need to wait on formal recognition for anyone; your group is welcome to the support and visibility we provide all community efforts, and can easily become a Friend of OLPC to present your work at events or festivals.


Please add new chapter proposals here

Draft agreements