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cambridge - 1cc?
s. africa - where?
 Club MaMa (Zagreb?) (Marcell, Tomi, ...)
 Kiberpipa ( in Ljubljana ( in Ljubljana of early
fame (they are though public lead in Slovenian CC)
 AKT in Cakovec (small place in the north of Croatia:  grassroots activism, free software and culture)
 Monteparadiso Hacklab in Pula ( - have a free music label and are a typical hacktivist group ( ( in Novi Sad
 Dom omladine in Belgrade - a huge cultural center, where Serbian Free Culture a.k.a. Slododna kultura ( group has regular activities (Nena Antic, Vladimir Jeric - Vlidi [of Darkwood Dub], Vladimir Jeremic & Milos R (wmf)  
 Tocka ( in Skopje and Free Software group (