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A cache of random ideas:

Notes and Liens



  • make josh's userpage nicer.
  • email about js development: stet, more?
  • package books for newlib, get lighter-weight icdl ice
  • responses: alchemist, connal, info x6
  • proposals: commons application. fc centers. ourstories.
    requested: cnx/wm text exchange. ed panel.
  • houston: house net

questions and clarifications

  • System visualization:
    what's using ram? tmpfs (including /tmp), /etc/rwtab
    what's using disk? core OS / psfrun (150M) / shared asset libraries
    what's using cpu? sugar, avahi/presence, network manager, hardware manager
  • What's being updated?
    OS - sometimes security-related, automatic [preference]
    activities - sometimes automatic?? proposed but controversial
    school servers - sw and activities

  • mexico prof: technology / ed technology... and caltech prof, guatemala... and idds group : brainstorm fest.
  • Plan sunday afternoons.