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About Spiky

Japanese researcher, interested in leveraging information power on the field of manufacturing, more specifically, mobile computing, human interface, or implementations of high level organizational strategy into "ready-to-use tools", are recently center of my conceren.

I'm so impressed about the manifest of OLPC. The reason why is that will be a straight-forward effort of the realization of "Human Security" proposed by Amartya Sen, the famous novel prise Indian economist. I believe his human security strategy is our only way to realize a actual peace world. OLPC is the very practical implementaion of it.

I'm also interested in "Network Centric Warfare", or "Network Centric Strategy", which is a center idea of US's RMA. NCW or NCS itself is the Information Age strategy, but it will be effective in commercial market. Just as "About War" is a kind of bible for the executives of business world in the Industrial Age, NCS is that of the Information Age.

I believe the principles and concepts are applicable for the implementations of infostructures for OLPC, to connect children of all over the world through XO.

I belong to R&D Center of the company, and also dedicating my rources to translation work of "Power to the Edge", issued by CCRP, DoD in 2004. Also, the translation of OLPC site will be my volunteer work for now.

Contact: y at sailweb dot net

PS.Any comments, questions, suggestions, or advise are always welcomed.

What's New

OLPC Japan portal opened!

このOLPC wikiサイトに日本語を主として話す人たちの為のポータルページを用意しています。まずは下記のURLをご覧下さい。

We, Japanese volunteers, have opened portal page just for Japanese those who are interested in OLPC in any aspects.

Please visit and get what you would like to know.

(notice for people whose native language is not Japanese: Above pages are updated mainly with Japanese first. English and other languages versions will be synchronized soon after, hopefully ;-P)

"OLPC volunteer team, Japan" website launched!

On 9th November, I've launched "OLPC volunteer team, Japan" website mainly for those who uses Japanese and are interested in the activity of OLPC but feels some dificulty to get information from OLPC wiki site, because of the language skill etc...

2007/11/9, 日本語を主として使われる人で、OLPCの活動に興味がある方のために、日本語のサイト"OLPC volunteer team, Japan"を立ち上げました。このサイトの目的は、OLPCの活動に興味があるけれどもwikiサイトではどうもわかりにくい、日本でのOLPC支援活動に興味があるが、他に日本で活動をしている人たちと連携をとりたい、と思っている人に向けて日本語で情報を提供することです。現在コンテンツがまだまだ十分ではありませんが、ご興味のある方は訪問ください。

 "OLPC volunteer team , Japan"


(1)OLPC wikiサイトの翻訳

OLPC wikiサイトの翻訳を考えておられる新規翻訳ボランティアの方は、まず以下の翻訳手順のページをご覧下さい。
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To Do

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