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Hi, my name is Steven Mohr. I study computer science dual at the BA Mannheim ( in Mannheim, Germany. This is a 1:1 combination of "normal" studies and working in a company. Instead of having vacation I'm working at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the department for software and simulation technology ( I've already have at bit experience in an open source projects. I participated for the DLR in an open source project called catacomb ( I would like to work at the Language Learning Activity. I've looked at the Lingoteach app and it seems to be a good basic for a port to XO. Also I would like to add a feature that pupils from around the world can add spoken examples of words in thier mother tongue to the database. That would give us the change to build a language learning programm with a lot of languages.

Steven (in IRC known as king_otto)