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I live in Schnait, a bit east of Stuttgart, Germany.


21 months old concentrating on XO


Industrial. Several years writing test routines for car control units.
Some more years running a small hardware maintenance team keeping a manufacturer of luxury vehicles' test equipment running. Now creating tests for automotive control units

Honk if you LOVE the XO!

And please drop me note if you are interested in getting involved in an XO user group.
I try venturing in the realms of the XS. Maybe, if you have a spare PC in the basement, you could volunteer some comunity server power.
Or just install an active antenna (as repeater) if a neighbor is already running an XS.

Wow! (BHM, AL, USA)

Having the nation realize that it can practice roll-outs right in its backyard is one big event for the region. And there is so much to learn from it. You don't have to travel far for the experience to smack you left and right ;-)
Reality check: This even is worse than what I experienced in corporate life. The Board of Education doesn't understand its role (or the situation - this is really R&D and not administration) and their IT contractor is not into linux. But both share a long history of common projects, so they are not likely to do what is best for the project, but what they have always done.

Inclusion vs Exclusion

Not making g1g1 available to any interested party can easily be mistaken for just another example of the well known American attitude of America-centricity. Act GLOBALLY!

School Server

Haven't done much lately. Sort of not since becoming disenchanted with BHM's BoE. I have a spare access point and might try running the XS within a VM (most likely Citrix-based).

Goals / Roadmap / Lessons Learned


Repair Service Center

Yes, I really will put one into existence.
The first shipment of spare parts will hopefully be here by April 10th ... - '08 that is ;-)
Update 5-4-08: I received 2 bricks and 2 mangled (all RMAed) XOs to strip for parts *rolling-up-sleeves*. And I will take a pretty bad flyer to the pilot school tomorrow. Hopefully the principal will allow posting it. Update 5-5-08: Well, he didn't want to talk with me. But the librarian took them and she has a good heart and looks after the project. Update 10-16-08: Never any response from Glen-Iris. Indicates infallible hardware :-) Relocated to Germany in the meantime. No more fixing things for Bhm. But a whole new market to discover :-}

Hope to hear from you