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"Urso Wieske has been involved with OLPC activities since december 2007. "


  • e-mail
  • Google Talk thru my gmail
  • spoken languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento, little bit of French.


Localization / I8N

Administrator and coordinator for the language Papiamento (pap). Papiamento is spoken in the in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, i.e. the Dutch Caribbean. If you are interested in doing some translation for Papiamento, please register at OLPC Pootle site. Pootle is the site where all OLPC specific translations are made. After signing up, you start submitting translations.

Please contact me if you want to become involved for the language Papiamento.


Living in Netherlands as an IT Consultant. Specialized in Java solutions. I play baseball in my free time.