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IRC Nick: vaish
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Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.png This user is a Under Graduate student– Computer Science at Jaypee University of Information Technology,Solan,India

Hello! Welcome To My page on OLPC Wiki. Thanks for Visiting my profile!!

Recent Projects - Atlas America

I'm working on a Geography teaching tool especially teaching maps of North and South America under its first release during Summer 2008.
Project Mentor: Mr.Nestor Guerrero
Please Note: My original proposal lies herewith title "Geography with Environment Awareness Application",but since I am now being mentored by Mr.Nestor so will continue working on an existing project with the same theme of teaching Geography but now the NEW title being "Atlas America" the proposal of which can be viewed here.Thanks !
The weekly progress can be viewed here: Weekly_Updates
The weekly progress is linked from News page (Please browse specific week on the calendar or postfix Week_no to the URL): Overview Section
The project won 1st prize at at International Conference on Contemporary Computing(IC3),co-hosted by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University,Noida & University of Florida,Gainesville on Aug 8,2008 .Details of the same can be viewed here.


I am a 4th year Computer Science Major from India. Currently pursuing my B.S equivalent B-Tech from Jaypee University of Information Technology,Solan,H.P,India. I have been programming in several languages for more than 3 years like C, C++, JAVA with Basic J2EE, ASP.NET using C# and PHP. I have been always very passionate about Computers and Ready to Learn attitude. I believe in self study which makes me very self-dependent and Challenges Loving. Amongst Human speaking languages, I have full command on English and Hindi.I have a sound command working on Database projects and handling SQL queries. I have experience in working on Real World Open source Applications like the one I made for IBM’s Great Mind Challenge 2007 using Basic J2EE .I have already made few 3-TIER architecture applications successfully.

I am decently strong in technical skills, on that basis I have been recruited by ASIA’s largest software company(TATA Consultancy Services) and ACCENTURE.I worked as an online Intern at a US based firm (Music Management LLC) as developer/consultant.I have this hobby of thinking new IDEAS for software improvement and innovation. Which is the best asset I have.Geography has always been one of my favorite subjects and I won JOINT UNIVERSITY GEOGRAPHY QUIZ in 2006.I am very keen to contribute to OLPC and be a part of such an ambitious project for a great cause for which I applied through Google Summer of Code'08.I would like to thank SJ and my mentor Mr.Nestor to give me this awesome opportunity to work on a great project which resonates with my area of interest.I will keep adding Ideas to the project even after it’s over for this season and contribute to OLPC life long along with my work for any company.I will remain committed to OLPC and hope to contribute to this great cause,this summer. Cheers!
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