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Whizman Software Solutions

Whizman Software Solutions is a software services business founded by Randall Whitman, software consultant and developer. Prior to founding Whizman, Randall developed software at the MIT Media Lab, Oracle Corporation, and DonorWare LLC. Whizman provides open source software consulting and deployment, and custom software development.

OLPC Involvement/Participation

Whizman Software Solutions owns one OLPC that was obtained through the Give 1 Get 1 (G1G1) program. This was upgraded to Build 703 and has been used in our presentations and for custom kernel building to obtain USB VGA support.

Kernel Build for USB VGA

We have experimented with Kernel Rebuilding on the OLPC for the purpose of USB SVGA output. See the Adding USB SVGA wiki. Using that guide we built a custom kernel (kernel 2.6.26) for the OLPC with the sisusb driver included (to add VGA output by means of a USB adaptor). We have a low-cost 'SIIG USB 2.0 to VGA Adaptor' that used a different driver than the one the Adding USB SVGA guide is written for, so we'd appreciate it if someone would like to test our RPM (built on an OLPC with Build 703) with one of the adaptors recomended by the Adding USB SVGA wiki.

Here's the link to the RPM. It was put in a tarball for upload to this wiki. OLPC Build 703 Kernel 2.6.26


When we made a presentation to a business networking group here in Southern California, we looked on for a suitable flyer and did not find one, so we made our own.

Feel free to replace our printed-courtesy-of box, and other than that, the flyer is derived from the website and inherits its Creative Commons license.

There is a PDF Version here and an ODT Version here (for editing).


Location and Contact Information

18 E State St # 206
Redlands, CA 92373 USA