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My, sort of a blog, and repo of ideas and development on this project.

Open Infrastructure

I want people to check out Open Infrastructure which I believe is the ripple effect of open source, open content, open hardware and now Infraestructure. So what is Infrastructure? Well the core of society... no not the family but the food. People create villages to get crops and feed themselves, which is what this project aim to solve taking the philosophies of Openness.

So what if the XO will have content and apps targeted to ignite this open infrastructure to elevate or at least lower the costs of basic things in society like the Village Construction Set.

The XO has some technologies and apps that could make this construction easier or at least used as digital interactive book which lower the cost of development.

--JZA 13:59, 18 June 2011 (UTC)

Mapping the XO to the Education program

The eternal dilema of teaching people computers, versus teaching people with computers is something we need to spend time understanding.

OLPC is a great program to start solving this issue. The first step is to map the activities of the XO to the goals, and core activities that the XO already ships with. Not just develop tools but create dinamic learning activities that can get people to use the XO as a tool within a larger process.

XO is advanced in the sense it has a webcam a microphone, a display and connectivity. Connectivity however has proven to be the weakest link, but still there are many things that you can do with those 3 things.

There are other projects that can also help to link these tasks including:

  • Research the study program from different countries
  • Wikiversity in Wikipedia Foundation can help with that
  • Understand the current collection of activities
  • Understand the current excercises in school
  • RE-think these tasks and invent new ones

--JZA 13:59, 18 June 2011 (UTC)

Python development versus Javascript development

So I have struggle getting people to sign in the OLPC Mexico program. So I guess I will start aiming to other goals regarding the recruit of talented developers.

Now my aim is to get people to develop in Javascript. That way the potential pool of development could increase exponentially since most people right now is focused on the Web.

So which tasks will they get into? Well how about solve the issue of Flash.

XO could do a lot more with activities done in something else than Flash like Javascript. With HTML5 now there could be more interactivity designed for students to listen and play. There are some JS Frameworks available including:

  • GameQuery
  • Raphael.js
  • NodeJS
  • JQuery


--JZA 14:03, 18 June 2011 (UTC)

The Sugar issue

A lot of people in the spanish list have been complaining on sugar. I doubt they are very bright commiters of the project. But I am starting to question their real motives behind it.

AFAIK they are trying to advocate a regresion on Sugar's goals and play good the market and the crowd in order to advance the project. IMO this is really a big mistake because first of all the Sugar project is about education and not tecnification of the crowds. IOW the goal is not for them to learn computers, that is beyond to the level they can be proficient on generating content.

The repetitive reasoning that we are training students to get a 'job' is completly stupid. K12 mission is not to land a job, you can see that on any educational plan by any ministry of education. It would be illegal to hire any of the elementary students right after or during the elementary years. So what does it even has to do windows with this.

We are not teaching kids computers, however we are teaching them the web, and we are teaching them to program, and we are also teaching them to learn on their own with the web.

Web is great on auto-learning programming languages, applications, fixing a computer, or other things. Build-yourself-projects are all over the web, so even if the student doesn't know Microsoft Office, he would be able to publish papers and documents on his blog, read wikipedia about his environment, and succeed in life by stablishing a personal learning environment.

--JZA 16:30, 27 June 2011 (UTC)